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Children's Dentistry

As a parent, you want your child to get a positive start with dental visits so that they can enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health. We know that dental visits are a big event for your child. It takes special people to make this visit a success, and our caring team is here to help your little one feel safe and comfortable during this exciting step in their development.

Building a Trusting Relationship with Your Child

We recommend your child first see us when they have started getting their baby teeth, but no later than age one. At Northern Hills Dental, our goal during the first visit is to help your child get comfortable with us and their unfamiliar surroundings. We know that you may be a little apprehensive, too, and we invite you to stay with your child during this all-important visit. Depending on your child’s age, we can have them sit on your lap so they have the security of being close to you in a new environment.

Everything we do works toward building a trusting relationship with your child. We don’t usually plan any treatment during the first visit because we want to make sure your child feels completely safe and secure.

We’ll show your child some of the different equipment and instruments we use so they can see they’re not really scary at all. We’ll count your child’s teeth and let them take a ride in the dental chair.

Dr. Stone and our team will also work with you to educate you about the steps necessary to promote your child’s oral health. During this appointment, our hygienist will discuss the importance of proper brushing techniques, good nutrition for healthy teeth, and the ways thumb sucking and bottle-feeding can affect your child’s teeth.

Reducing Stress for You and Your Child

It’s normal to want to shield your kids from any bad experiences for as long as you can. If your own attitude about dental care isn’t positive, the last thing you want is to transmit your concerns to your child.

Calm Down – We’re here to help. We are a team of child and parent-friendly professionals who understand the challenge of first-time visits for both you and your kids.

Keep it Simple – When talking to your child about their first visit, avoid going into a lot of detail so you don’t confuse or frighten them. Focus on the positive aspects of going to the dentist and avoid any description of pain (i.e. the use of sharp tools).

Make it Fun – Prepare your child by going online or to the library to check out educational videos or books. Playing pretend is also a fun way to put a positive spin on the experience. Encourage some role-play to demonstrate what happens during the first visit.

Ultimately, your child’s oral health is our top priority, and we want all visits to be productive, and we do this by putting children at ease.

If it’s time for your child’s first visit and you’re apprehensive, please contact Northern Hills Dental. We will be happy to welcome you and your child to our practice.