Periodontal Disease Treatment

Do your gums bleed when you brush? Do you have chronic bad or loose teeth? These are just a few of the symptoms of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease). Gum disease is a problem that doesn’t just affect the health of your teeth and gums.

The health of your mouth has a definite connection to your overall health, and chronic gum disease can lead to problems like heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, and pregnancy complications.

At Northern Hills Dental, we take the treatment of periodontal disease very seriously. It's a problem that affects millions of people, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that half of American adults over the age of 30 have periodontal disease.

How Does Gum Disease Start?

Periodontal disease is a chronic infection that can damage your gums and the bones that support your teeth. It most often develops as a result of improper oral hygiene and putting off regular dental exams and cleanings.

It starts when plaque builds up between your teeth and beneath the gums. Without treatment, pockets open up, separating the teeth and gums. Your teeth may loosen, and without treatment, they may be lost.

How Do You Treat Periodontal Disease?

Your treatment approach is chosen by Dr. Stone and our hygienist based on your general oral health and the severity of the infection. If you have mild gum disease, we typically recommend a comprehensive dental cleaning and appointments for follow up visits to make sure your gum disease is under control.

In the case of advanced periodontal disease, we will recommend gum infection therapy called a deep cleaning. During the procedure, your hygienist completely clears away all the bacteria and then smooths tooth surfaces to get rid of any spots where they can collect.

We will irrigate the infected area with an antibacterial rinse that flushes away remaining bacteria and leaves you with a fresh, clean smile. Finally, the periodontal pockets are sealed with a laser to minimize bleeding and promote healing.

It’s essential to ensure that we have eliminated any infection, so we will recommend that you return to see us in four to six weeks for a checkup. We may also schedule you for periodic follow-up visits to prevent a recurrence of the infection

We’ll Work with You to Achieve Great Oral Health

Our team truly cares about your needs. We work hard to create an environment that’s warm, friendly, and welcoming for patients of all ages. Building a strong relationship helps us get to know you and understand what’s important to you. We’ll work with you to fix any current concerns and reduce the risk of developing additional problems in the future.

The time to take steps to protect your oral health is sooner rather than later. With sound oral hygiene practices and regular appointments for dental cleanings and exams, you may never have to worry about periodontal disease!

If you believe you may have gum disease or if you are overdue for a dental cleaning, please contact our Lead dental office and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient appointment for your next exam and cleaning. We look forward to being your partner in your oral health care!