Restorative Dentistry

Do you have a tooth or multiple teeth that need to be restored or replaced? A damaged or missing tooth can cause pain and embarrassment and can even cause you to feel hopeless about the state of your smile.

Fortunately, at Dr. Stone's Office, Dr. Reid Stone is well versed in a wide variety of dental treatments that will get your oral health back on track. Our restorative options allow us to provide you with the right treatment for whatever dental problem you may have.

We Have the Solutions You Need

From a simple filling to a full smile makeover, we have the solutions you need. A smile makeover may include a combination of many cosmetic and restorative dentistry services that bring your mouth back to full health.

Depending on your needs, we can choose from services like teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers. If we find that a tooth or teeth are damaged beyond repair, we offer options like dental implants and dentures to restore function and dramatically improve your appearance. 

You should be thrilled with the results of every service we provide. We pride ourselves on getting to know our patients so we can provide completely personalized dental care. Dr. Stone and our team will work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan designed to address all your unique concerns and cosmetic goals.

We also make it easy to plan for your dental care by phasing each stage of your smile makeover. Many of our treatment plans can be extended over time until we’ve helped you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Our customized smile makeovers are designed to complement all your best features and help you smile confidently.

Call Us for a Consultation!

Restoring damaged teeth doesn’t just help you now – it benefits your long-term oral health. We believe in preserving teeth unless there’s no other option, and our restorative services allow us to do just that.

If you’re tired of hiding your smile from the world, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. We’ll take the time to explain your options, our suggestions, and the time and financial commitment involved. With all the options we offer for restoring your beautiful smile, we’ll work together to find the treatment or combination of treatments that works best for you.

With caring, personalized treatment and planning, Dr. Stone and our team can help you restore your smile to health and beauty. We know that after just one visit you’ll be impressed with our friendly, compassionate approach to providing outstanding dental care. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

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