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All-Porcelain Crowns!!

March 1, 2017
Posted By: Janet Agena, RDA
Picture of an all-porcelain crown.

I’ve heard of gold and metal crowns. What are all-porcelain crowns?

All-porcelain crowns feel just like your natural teeth.  The porcelain used for the crown resembles natural tooth structure and comfort by being able to expand and contract with hot and cold at almost the same rate as your natural tooth. The material used also wears at almost the same rate as your natural tooth. The porcelain is stronger than other types of porcelain and the ability to color the material reflect the look of natural teeth.

How do you know if you need a crown?

Most people experience pain with chewing or other symptoms with temperature sensitivity, or they broke a piece of their tooth. To diagnose properly, an x-ray is needed to determine how far the tooth is broken and if the nerve is affected. We also take an “inside of the mouth” photo for the insurance company and it also helps to show our patient exactly what Dr. Stone is seeing.


What to expect after an all-porcelain crown is bonded into place?

We generally tell our patients that they can expect some sensitivity to temperatures; but this should only last a few days.  The gum tissue may be irritated from working right around that area.  We will give you an ointment to apply to the gums if needed. It is important to avoid eating foods that are hard or sticky the first day as the material used to bond the crown takes 24 hours to totally set up. After that you can eat anything you want to eat just like your other teeth.

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