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No Better Time Than Now

October 31, 2016
Posted By: Walter Raby, MBA, RDA
Man with a hook hand prosthetic

I don’t know about you, but I really like a nice steak; nice cut, cooked to order, tender, properly seasoned, and a good marbling.  For those who share the same sentiment, I apologize for the craving I may have started.  For those of you who do not share the same affinity for steak, substitute it with your favorite food/meal.

Now that you are thinking of your favorite food, would that food taste just as good if you have to drink it through a straw (supposing that it was solid food at some point)?  I’m sickened by that idea, even though it should taste fine.  However, eating soft foods or pureed foods may be the only method of eating if we lose the important body parts we call teeth.  These body parts are so important because they play such a crucial role for our quality of life.  It has a very important part in our digestion, social life, and self-confidence.  We enjoy eating food. Think of any major holiday, celebration, or get together and they all involve food.  Eating is a very social event in addition to our biological need.

Teeth come in various shapes and sizes.  Their “morphology” determines the function they play in chewing.  Losing teeth loses function and can cause other problems with the remaining teeth. Remember, be true to your teeth or they will be false to you.

In restoring the tooth to its original function or replacing a missing tooth back into function is important.  When decay is discovered, there is no better time than now to have it fixed.  There is no such thing as waiting and watching; decay only continues to progress, gets worse, and becomes more expensive to repair.  Even if the tooth is removed, replacing that tooth could cost more money further down the road and may cause complications with the other teeth. 

Please remember, nothing is better than having your own functioning natural teeth.  Teeth are body parts and we should only seek the best.  After all, when it comes to a hand, most people don’t want a hook!  Your teeth should not be given the equivalent of a hook hand to restore function.

Many patients have the goal of eating a steak again after they see Dr. Stone and have a treatment proposal in place. Please call our office today to make an appointment with Dr. Stone and see what options you have to fix your smile. Contact us via the Internet: http://www.northernhillsdentist.com/Contact-Us-Schedule-Appointment or call us at (605) 584-2983. If you have financial concerns, we have options for you to make your treatment fit your budget!

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