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Change Your Oil Or Change Your Engine!

June 1, 2017
Posted By: Walter Raby, MBA, RDA
Car Engine and Oil

We’ve all heard it before, “change your oil or change your engine”.   I’ve experienced paying for a new compressor for my central air because I didn’t change the $10.00 filter each month.  After $2,500.00 of repairs, $120.00 per year to change the filters is worth it! Regardless of our experiences, we don’t think (or sometimes care) of the various preventative tasks we have to do until something goes wrong and is quite expensive to fix.   It is at that point when we could have prevented something that we wish we had.

Here’s your chance to not regret preventing poor oral health.  There is no prerequisite that you must have a dental plan to see the dentist.  In fact, we make it even easier to see us with our preventative membership plan (http://www.northernhillsdentist.com/Financial-Info).  For $199.00 per year ($99.00 for children), you can prevent dental issues that cause pain, tooth loss, bad breath, poor diet, etc.

When you choose to not prevent dental issues, you are inviting pain, tooth loss, and difficulty eating into your life.  Losing the ability to eat comfortably and enjoy your food is a quality of life issue.  With the discovery of x-rays, dentists went from episodic treatment of pulling teeth (because it was too late to fix) to preventing tooth loss.

If you have the majority of your natural teeth remaining and would like to go into dentures, you are looking at $10,000 - $15,000 to accomplish this.  And, dentures are horrible to work with, as they don’t stay in place.  You can spend another $20,000 more to have the dentures secured into place by dental implants.  Just because your grandparents/parents had dentures doesn’t mean that is what you should have too.  Especially when you can prevent with $199.00 per year!

Keeping your natural teeth and catching problems when they are small is the cheapest and best option for your oral health.  Old methods of dental care/dentures shouldn’t be a consideration.  I can’t think of anyone who will pass on advances in healthcare to have ancient methods of bloodletting and trepanation.  Even with technology, will you give up your smart phone for one of these? 

If it has been some time since you have seen the dentist, call (605) 584-2983 today for a checkup with Dr. Stone so that we can help you prevent oral health pain and problems.  

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