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Dental Insurance Myths - Part 1

November 7, 2016
Posted By: Walter Raby, MBA, RDA
Insurance definition in a dictionary

1.The Dental Plan is Insurance

Not to get too far into semantics, dental insurance is not insurance.  Sure you have a card that states you have coverage and pays for your cleaning visits, but it is nothing like any other insurance policy out there that you may have.

For instance, many of you can relate to home owners or auto insurance.  With these policies, you pay a premium in exchange for their promise to pay for losses or expenses relating to their policy coverage.  If we were truly dealing with insurance when it comes to dental plans, we would submit a claim and be fully reimbursed with a difference from an agreed upon deductible. From car wrecks to home fires, the insurance policy will pay for the replacement of these items, period. Of course, if you are looking to replace siding or windows for the look of the house, we wouldn’t expect the insurance to pay for those items. Insurance is all about what you need. We don’t see that with dental plans.

Dental plans do not work like insurance.  Dental plans offer annual “benefit” levels.  This is an allowance used annually with limitations.  This is to HELP with dental costs, not cover them in full.  See how dental plans are different from insurance policies? Please understand this is aimed to help you understand the structure of your dental plan and how it works so that we can help you make the most of your plan savings.  Once we understand how they work, we can make the most of the value and usefulness to your treatment.  However, it is important that you are not “fooled” by the term “insurance” as that will provide a false expectation of coverage and can bring you to a conclusion of only having the procedures that “the insurance will cover” verses what is truly needed.  Your dental plan is not interested in your ideal dental care.  They are not now and they never have been designed to get you to optimum oral health.

In our office, we believe that it is important that you understand how your dental plan works as we can only help you with the policy that you chose.  We will provide the best information regarding coverage that we can.  Please know that since the plan provides a supplement, it will most likely leave you with a portion of the payment. We provide general information on your dental plan with our new patient forms: http://www.northernhillsdentist.com/New-Patient-Forms; however, we are not responsible for the plan’s decisions as that is between you, your employer, and your dental plan.

Please feel free to give our office a call for an appointment. Dental health is very important and you are fortunate to have a plan that helps pay for your visit.  We are in-network with Delta Dental and we submit claims to all of the other dental plans. 

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