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No Teeth = No Dentist??

January 10, 2017
Posted By: Walter Raby, MBA, RDA
Pair of Dentures

We’ll just get it out there and acknowledge that one of the main reasons for removing your natural teeth and going into dentures is that you will not have to see a dentist again, right?  Whether the reason you don’t want to see the dentist is due to fear of the dentist, or the fear of pain, or the fear of cost; for some of you, never seeing a dentist again would be a big perk.  I’m here to let you know that Dr. Stone’s staff is the most courageous and bravest people I’ve met as they go to the dentist almost every day!  All joking aside, Dr. Stone is a very likable and skilled dentist whom many patients have come to appreciate having as their dentist.

Regardless of the reasons you may have or are looking to have a denture to replace your teeth, you will still need to see the dentist when you no longer have teeth.  Dentists don’t only look for cavities and do fillings, they check the health of your oral cavity, screen for oral cancer, and with dentures, they look for how the dentures fit in your mouth and if the teeth are wearing out, if it is causing sores, the quality and quantity of your jaw bone, and if you have any tissue abnormalities associated with an ill-fitting denture.

I’m certain everyone can agree that you will need to see the dentist if the dentures wear out or if they don’t fit well.  However, oral cancer is still a present danger in your oral health; and the prevention of oral cancer has nothing to do with the lack of natural teeth. As you age, you can develop issues and you may not know it.  Several medical issues present within the mouth and your dentist is the first line of detection as they are specially trained in diseases of the oral cavity in addition to teeth.   With many people ignoring bleeding gums, one of the symptoms of oral cancer is bleeding in the mouth.  People over 50 are also at the greatest risk for oral cancer and probably are the most likely candidate for having dentures.

Oral cancer, if caught early, can be survivable.  When oral cancer goes unnoticed and advances, it has a high mortality rate.  If it has been some time since you have seen the dentist, call (605) 584-2983 today for a checkup with Dr. Stone so that we can to a thorough exam and oral cancer screening.  

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