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Teeth Whitening

December 5, 2016
Posted By: Cheryl Hess, RDA
Zoom Teeth Whitening

Have you ever thought about whitening your teeth?  We can help you get that brighter, whiter smile!

To begin, Dr. Stone will complete a thorough dental examination, dental cleaning and x-rays to determine the health of your mouth.  Also, Dr. Stone will check for any white fillings or crowns on the front teeth that may not change during the whitening process.  Dr. Stone will be able to help you decide which of the following whitening options is best for you.

Zoom Day and Night White whitening use custom fitting trays and take home whitening gel that you can use at your convenience.  The Carbamide Peroxide gel can be worn 2- 4 hours during the day or even overnight!                    


We also offer Zoom White Speed in-office whitening that our dental staff applies to your teeth while you relax and let the Zoom lighten your teeth from 7-9 shades lighter!  During this whitening process, we will isolate your teeth by placing lip spreaders and what is called a dental dam that ensures we do not get any whitening gel on your gum tissue.  Once your mouth is ready, we then brush on the whitening gel and place the Zoom light next to your teeth for 15 minutes.  We will complete this process 3 times and the whitening session takes about 1 hour.

After the above process is complete, we apply a fluoride gel to the teeth to help avoid sensitivity.  A small percentage of patients may experience slight sensitivity for the first few days after whitening.  We offer a desensitizing gel that you can take home and apply as needed.

Our Ultimate Whitening protocol combines the in-office Zoom White Speed and the Zoom take home trays which when used together can lighten your teeth from 11-14 shades lighter.

For the first few days after whitening, we recommend you avoid dark foods such as coffee, tea and red wine that could re-stain your teeth.  You can maintain your desired shade by using the Zoom take home trays.  We will be happy to check your shade during your regular dental visits.

Come see us at Northern Hills Dental so that we can help you achieve the bright smile you have always wanted!  Contact us via the Internet: http://www.northernhillsdentist.com/Contact-Us-Schedule-Appointment or call us today for an appointment (605) 584-2983.


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