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What are the dental complications of diabetes?

At Northern Hills Dental, we know that people with diabetes have to take special care with their oral health. Diabetes can make it difficult for patients to fight oral infections and beat periodontal disease. Our dental team provides dental treatments that are designed to help patients with diabetes achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

People with diabetes are more likely to develop oral infections and dental problems. In general this is because:

·         High blood sugar levels feed oral bacteria, providing a perfect environment for periodontal disease and dental decay.

·         Diabetes impairs white blood cells, making it difficult to fight oral infections.

·         Poorly controlled diabetes may cause dry mouth, due to decreased saliva production. Dry mouth contributes to bad breath, oral infections, and dental decay.

·         Diabetics with high blood glucose levels have more sugar in their mouths, which promotes growth of bacteria and leads to periodontal disease.

·         Impaired white blood cells may cause your blood vessels to thicken. Consequently, the blood vessels are not as efficient at providing nutrients to the gum tissue.

·         Impaired wound and infection healing also means that diabetic patients need to take special precautions when pursuing oral surgeries.

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