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I'm not feeling any pain. Why are you recommending this treatment?

Prevention is the key to protecting your oral health and avoiding more serious problems from developing. If we recommend treatment at our dental office and you are not feeling pain, that is actually a good thing. It means that, by using a preventive approach to oral health care, we have detected an underlying problem and can correct it before it becomes more serious.

If we find a problem, you may not feel any pain because your tooth is made up of several layers. You may not feel a cavity developing in the outer layer of your teeth because there is no pain sensation in that part of your tooth.

However, if decay continues and gets close to the pulp or the nerve of the tooth, the pain starts and can be unbearable. Dr. Stone and his team strive to prevent this from occurring, which can eliminate needless pain and discomfort, and reduce the likelihood of costly treatments like root canals.

At Northern Hills Dental, our philosophy is to provide our patients with the best preventive care possible. This allows you to avoid a sudden dental emergency that causes pain and interrupts your busy life.  Please contact our office if you have questions about the ways in which we can make your dental treatment comfortable, safe, and efficient.


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