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Why should I floss?

RAPID CITY, S.D (KOTA-TV) Before you head to school don't forget to floss, right? Well maybe not... There's been recent news reports questioning whether flossing is an important step for improving dental hygiene.

Periodontist Dr. Joshua Nehring, with Dakota Regional Periodontics, says flossing is very vital.

According to the American Dental Association, tooth decay and gum disease can develop when plaque is built up on the teeth, along with the gum line.

Dr. Nehring suggest brushing for two minutes, twice a day to secure good oral hygiene and cleaning in between teeth daily.

"With any of the oral hygiene tools or instruments, you just need to not be too aggressive. We shouldn't be ramming the floss deep down in our gums...it should be a gentle technique. The floss should be what we call c shape, so your wrapping it around the tooth gently... going down just slightly to or below the gums and thats the same with your toothbrush and interproximal brushes", says Nehring.

Nehring suggest seeing your dentist every 6 months for good dental hygiene.

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