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Does professional teeth whitening have side effects?

You may have heard people complain about teeth whitening because of the sensitivity of their teeth afterward. In the hands of a trained dentist, however, professional teeth whitening will produce only minor, temporary side effects.

Our team has all the specialized training necessary to provide you with safe, comfortable teeth whitening treatments at our dental office. Too much peroxide can easily lead to sensitive teeth, so we will also adjust the concentration of whitening gel we use to fit your needs. We know how to properly protect sensitive areas of your mouth during whitening to avoid any burning sensation.

Most of the extreme side effects with teeth whitening occur with improper use of over-the-counter products. Overusing these products is the quickest way to produce sensitivity and discomfort.

If you want to avoid any negative side effects, we highly recommend you opt for a professional teeth whitening treatment. Store-bought products can be tempting because they appear to be inexpensive compared to professional treatment. But keep in mind that you will need to use a lot more of the product to achieve any significant whitening. Even then, you will not see results that are comparable to professional teeth whitening.

Please contact our dental office, and we will happy to answer your questions about professional teeth whitening.

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