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How can I make my teeth whitening treatment last?

There are no other treatments that can produce such dramatic results as quickly and affordably as professional teeth whitening. Once you’ve seen the difference that teeth whitening can make to your appearance, you want to maintain the results for as long as possible.

Avoid foods and beverages like red wine, dark teas, coffee, raspberries and blueberries. These are certainly enjoyable indulgences, and we’re not recommending that you eliminate them from your diet entirely. But knowing that they can affect the whiteness of your teeth will help you be aware of your intake and remember to rinse or brush as soon as possible after.

Smoking or using tobacco products is one of the major culprits for causing your teeth to stain. If you want a bright, white smile, you can’t smoke. Now you have another excellent reason to quit!

Oral hygiene also plays a big part in maintaining a white smile. You should be brushing and flossing diligently, and keeping up with your routine dental cleanings at our Phoenix dental office.

Hopefully, these tips will help you take the necessary steps to ensure that the results of your teeth whitening treatment lasts as long as possible. Please give us a call to schedule your next cleaning and discuss teeth whitening.

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